The Ohio Teaching-Family Association Articles of Incorporation state the purposes for which the Ohio Teaching-Family Association was organized and they are the following:

A. To promote the general well-being of the Teaching-Family Model.

B. To promote, assist, and support the development of residential and non-
residential treatment programs for children and their families.

C. To transact any and all lawful business for which non-profit corporations
may be incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio, to the extent that
such businesses may be conducted by organizations exempt from federal
income tax under section 501: c: 3 of the Internal Revenue Cote of 1954
(or corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue

D. To do everything necessary, proper, advisable and convenient for the
accomplishment of the purposes herein above set forth, and to do all
other things incidental thereto or connected therewith which are not
forbidden by the laws of the State of Ohio, or by these Articles of




The corporation will have as its mission:

1. To establish and maintain a standard of ethics for members staff and affiliates.

2. To provide a forum for the sharing of technical expertise for members through unrestrained dialogue;

3. To facilitate cooperation between all members of the corporation;

4. To study short and long term problems encountered by members staff and affiliates;

5. To promote a high degree of quality in the services provided by the members, staff and affiliates;

6. To foster supportive public opinion of the foregoing functions;

7. To seek funding and resources that will result in the betterment of the corporation;

8. To investigate and develop effective and cost efficient procedures to train the staff of Teaching-Family programs;

9. To establish and disseminate Teaching-Family program materials and research information;

10. To promote and protect the professional standards in the interests of the Teaching-Family Model of treatment, OT-FA members, staff, and affiliates that deliver treatment services;

11. To develop community based Teaching-Family treatment programs in accordance with the ethical standards of the Ohio Teaching-Family Association and governmental standards;

12. To develop other residential and non-residential treatment programs consistent with the Teaching-Family Model.

13. To provide a corporate structure in which Teaching-Parents have the opportunity to engage in their profession with a high degree of autonomy, authority and responsibility through participation in the decision making process that effects their professional lives.



-We value our people who are committed dedicated to serving the needs of troubled children and their families as the most valuable asset of the Ohio Teaching-Family Association, and we will nurture their talents by investing in their professional and personal growth through training; by providing the tools to do the job well; the responsibility, authority and autonomy to act independently; the ability to have honest failure; and an environment that reinforces excellence and productivity.

-We value and owe our existence to the people we serve therefore; we will provide only excellent services. We are a service organization. If we do not serve our customers well, someone else will. Only the best is good enough for our customers.

-We value the opportunity to improve our performance and one of the best ways to do that is by soliciting critical feedback from those that we serve and we will solicit critical feedback from our customers on a regular basis.

-We value excellence in all that we do and we will engage in activities that ensure that the personnel and programs associated with OT-FA are the best available.

-We value the ability to quickly adjust our services to the evolving needs of society and we will keep our individual operating units small to foster individual initiative and flexibility.

-We value the use of the best practices available in all of our activities and we will engage in activities that ensure that the practices of the Ohio Teaching-Family Association are the best.

-We value each individual we serve and we will provide services that are tailored to the needs of each individual.

We value our communities and our nation and we will provide services to children and families that will strengthen families, our communities and our nation.

-We value our work and that of our associates and we will not hire or retain staff that does not make a valuable contribution to the purpose, mission, and values of the OT-FA. Therefore, only individuals’ essential to the accomplishment of corporate objectives will be on the staff.
We value democracy and an individual’s ownership in their work and we will enable Teaching-Parent members of the Ohio Teaching-Family Association to participate in the decision-making process by deliberating and voting on policies sent to the Board of Trustees for adoption. We also value dissenting opinion and when the vote of the Teaching-Parents is not unanimous, not only will the majority opinion be sent to the Board of Trustees for deliberation, but dissenting opinions will also be provided to the Trustees.

-We value participatory democracy and to ensure that everyone in the Ohio Teaching-Family Association is able to express that value we will, as a corporation, stay small. This practice will prevent us from meeting the service needs of all children; therefore, we will help others replicate the Ohio Teaching-Family Model.

-We value the importance of living in a family and we will provide caring, nurturing, stimulating families to children who are handicapped and who have special needs so they can learn the conventional family, community and national values.

-We value the potential of the individual and will offer our services in a manner that promotes dignity, strong interpersonal relationships, mutual caring and the development of personal responsibility


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