About Us

The Ohio Teaching Family Association (OT-FA) is a non-profit agency consisting of a network of Teaching-Family homes. We provide placement services for youth with behavioral issues, mental health disorders, sexual offending, and addiction. 


Mission Statement

To provide the least restrictive, most home-like therapeutic environment for high-risk children.

To establish and maintain a standard of ethics for members staff and affiliates.

To provide a forum for the sharing of technical expertise for members through unrestrained dialogue.

To facilitate cooperation between all members of the corporation.

To study short- and long-term problems encountered by members staff and affiliates.

To promote a high degree of quality in the services provided by the members, staff and affiliates and promote spirituality, cultural identity, self-reliance, physical and mental health, by improving the quality of life of our community through professional quality services.

To foster supportive public opinion of the foregoing functions

To investigate and develop effective and cost-efficient procedures to train the staff of Teaching-Family programs.

To establish and disseminate Teaching-Family program materials and research information.

To promote and protect the professional standards in the interests of the Teaching-Family Model of treatment, OT-FA members, staff, and affiliates that deliver treatment services.

To develop community-based Teaching-Family treatment programs in accordance with the ethical standards of the Ohio Teaching-Family Association and governmental standards.

To develop other residential and non-residential treatment programs consistent with the Teaching-Family Model.

To provide a corporate structure in which Teaching-Parents have the opportunity to engage in their profession with a high degree of autonomy, authority and responsibility through participation in the decision-making process that affects their professional lives.

To seek funding and resources that will result in the betterment of the corporation.

The Ohio Teaching Family Association is licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services as a Quality Residential Treatment Program (QRTP)
The Ohio Teaching Family Association operates a juvenile sex offender program certified through the Ohio Department of Youth Services
The Ohio Teaching Family Association is accredited through CARF International