Farris Group Home

Dennis and Vivian Farris raised seven children of their own, now aged 30-40- They both were in management positions for Seaway Foodtown ( a grocery chain in northern Ohio and southern Michigan) for well over 20 years. Dennis and Vivian both attended the University of Toledo.

When their last child was getting close to graduation, they were beginning to feel the "empty nest syndrome". They started doing traditional fostering through Wood County in the early 1990's. In 1999, they were both recruited by another grocery chain, Harris Teeter, located out of Charlotte, North Carolina. While with this company they worked and lived in South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia..

Dennis' sister, Diane Mohn, ran this Group Home (with her now deceased husband, Larry) for approximately 26 years. When she was getting close to retirement, Diane asked Dennis and Vivian if they would consider taking over the Group Home.

The Farris' left Virginia in March of 2007 and moved to Ohio to work with Diane and begin the Training/certification process. Diane retired in June of 2008 and the Mohn Group Home became the Farris Group Home. Our home sits on five acres of land in Swanton Township, Lucas County. The Group Home is licensed for 10 girls, aged 10 to 18 (21, if special needs) years of age.

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