Fact Sheet


The OTFA is a non-profit corporation made up of a network of Teaching-Family homes.  We provide the least restrictive, most home-like therapeutic environment for high-risk youths.  The Teaching-Family model uses a behavioral modification approach to developing life skills, including problem solving and social skills.


Youth Admission Requirements:  The Ohio-Teaching Family Association accepts youth who have a history of physical, mental or emotional problems.  The youth accepted are generally between the ages of 8 and 18.  Because this is a community based program, youth who present a threat to themselves, others, or property are evaluated for admission on an individual basis.

Service Area:  OTFA is licensed to accept youth from every county in the State of Ohio.

Capacity:  The OTFA has a capacity of 55 youth (20 female and 35male).  Bed space is available on a first come, first serve basis, taking into consideration matching youth to the most appropriate home placement.

Referral Sources:  Department of Human Services, Mental Health Agencies, Juvenile Courts, State Youth Agencies and private sources.

Fee for Services:  Each youth’s fee is based on a per diem, outlined on the Comprehensive Service Delivery insert. Services not covered in the per diem include medical expenses, initial clothing costs, SOT counseling, wrap-around services for multiple needs youth, and in-home intensive consultations.

Program Staff:  Highly trained and experienced Teaching-Parents provide 24 hour, 365-day family-based care in their homes.  The Teaching-Parents (T-P) are the direct care providers, offering ongoing support and counseling.

Length of Stay:  The average length of stay is 14 months.  The OTFA prefers a stay of at least six months in order to allow progression through the treatment program.  We have had youth stay with us for several years based on any special needs.

Services to Families:  On-going training and support is provided to the natural family as needed or upon request of the placing agency.  If family reunification is a placement goal, the skills necessary will be included in the youth’s treatment plan.

Aftercare Services:  As Federal regulations have mandated the teaching of independent living skills, the OTFA has incorporated an Independent Living Program, which teaches youth the skills necessary to become responsible, self-sufficient, contributing citizens.