Parent Introduction


Your child has been referred to the Ohio Teaching-Family Association (OT-FA) for placement.  We are delighted you are considering working with us as a means of solving some of the problems you are currently experiencing within your family.  We would like to give you some information about ourselves and the services we offer; as well as learn about your family and your current needs.  We are confident you will find the following information helpful; however, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Our Program Approach

    We want to work with you as an important member of the treatment team, to provide the best possible care for your child.  It is your child that is being considered for placement and we need to know your goals and what you expect from your child being placed with us.  We will ask you to describe problems, as well as your child’s talents and abilities.  You will be working with the OT-FA counselors, the consulting psychiatrist, the psychologist and the Teaching-Parents who will be living with your child.


What is a Teaching-Family and who are the Teaching-Parents

    A Teaching-Family consists of a highly trained couple called Teaching-Parents who provide treatment services in a community based family setting.  In Teaching-Family homes, both Teaching-Parents work full time with the youth living with them.  The OT-FA Teaching-Parents typically have more than ten years of experience and have several years of specialized training in working with children who have difficult problems.  We believe it is important to give children the chance to work on their problems in a family setting.

    We stress the importance of learning new social, academic and independent living skills.  We teach youth basic skills such as following instructions, accepting criticism, controlling one's emotional reactions and solving problems rationally.  These, and other skills, are taught using techniques that are positive and effective.  These teaching interactions are characterized by describing the youth's behavior, explaining why the behavior is a problem and how it might get a negative reaction from others and then explaining alternative behaviors that are more effective and socially appropriate.

    The Teaching-Parents also use systematic motivation systems to keep a record of youth progress and for earning privileges.  As a youth demonstrates that he/she is maturing and becoming more responsible, he/she earns more privileges.


Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to prepare your child for a successful future, whether your child will be returning to your home, preparing to live independently in his/her own home or going to live at a trade school or college. 


The Roles of Our Treatment Team

1.  The Parents' Role

 2.  The OT-FA Teaching-Parents' Role

3.  Child’s Role


OT-FA Intake Procedures

Details are discussed, required paperwork is completed, service and financial arrangements are signed, and an admission date is set.